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    Parks of Aledo is the premier neighborhood development west of Fort Worth, in Aledo Independent School District. Set among the prairie grasses and oak hills overlooking the Trinity River valley, Parks of Aledo’s vision is to harmoniously balance the native environment with modern homes and popular neighborhood amenities.

  • Preserving the Natural Beauty...

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    With almost twenty acres of open space connecting homes to walking trails, parks, and natural features, Parks of Aledo will enhance the appeal and livability of the countryside, while preserving the natural surroundings.

    Crushed limestone paths will meander through seasonal creeks and waterfalls, bringing you back to the true beauty of nature. Post oaks, prairie grasses, and soft leaf yucca convey the classic elements of the landscape, while elms and privet shade the creeks. At Parks of Aledo, residents will enjoy a host of amenities specifically designed for those who want to keep nature nearby.

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  • Creative design with classic charm...

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    The entrances to Parks of Aledo will be complete with generous landscaping and traditional limestone monuments. The style will lend a distinguished and familiar welcome to residents and guests of the community. Inside, landscaped medians, sweeping curves, and well-positioned parks will continue to draw your eyes to the man-made artistry.

    From the incredible amenities to the impressive landscaping plan, there is something to captivate everyone at Parks of Aledo.

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  • Pleasing Streetscapes...


    At Parks of Aledo, residents will enjoy walking through their neighborhood. Tree-lined drives will evoke the charm of a classic neighborhood and provide a timeless look and feel, and when mature will create an intimate atmosphere.

    Antique lampposts, bronze mail boxes and shaded sidewalks – these features are pleasing when new and also get better with age. Neighborhood parks will allow kids to safely play and communities to gather.

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  • Timeless Architecture and Character...


    In Parks of Aledo, builders are chosen for their commitment to quality construction and timeless architectural designs. Homebuyers will find the neighborhood a breath of fresh air with multiple builders from which to choose, each of whom offers designs that complement one another and embrace the vision for Parks of Aledo as a whole.

    Integrating all aspects and needs of daily life, this community will become a classic neighborhood, and make owning a home a convenient and enjoyable experience for any family.

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